About Nailed It

Nailed it Projects is built on a basis of creating long lasting relationships and delivering projects that exceed the clients expectations. Nailed it Projects was started due to a passion for the industry as well as its diversity and fast pace.

Svenja prides herself on her meticulous approach to the projects at hand and delivering projects that exceed the clients’ expectations and come in on or below budget.

She operates with integrity and honesty and enjoys pure transparency in that all contractors and suppliers quotes and invoices are presented openly to the client (all with trade discounts that are passed on to the client). Her project management fee is calculated as a percentage onto that, as set out below.

The client is lead by the hand through the entire process. A process would normally look like this:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the clients requirements and needs
  • Design and conceptualization
  • Taking the client shopping to present ideas on finishes
  • Presenting detailed quotes, comprehensively laid out with all the various stages / items indicated
  • Drawing up of detailed schedule of payments for the client to initiate payments to the contractors and suppliers
  • Drawing up of work schedules for the project
  • Regular meetings on site to ensure that the clients are comfortable with the progress of the project
  • Drawing up of a summary of the project costs at the end
  • Presenting a disc with before and after photographs of the project

What is Project Management?

Project Management as a whole can be described as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project.

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Fee Structures

Consultation fees and hourly rates are available upon request. Project Management fees and material sourcing fees are charged at a percentage of the contractors or suppliers invoice.

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Types of projects undertaken

Any project that requires building or interior work, where the client does not have the time to manage the process, is a project that Nailed It Projects will undertake.

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Read the latest articles that Svenja has contributed to about the Construction and Project Management industry.

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