Nailed it Projects is built on a basis of creating long lasting relationships and delivering projects that exceed the clients expectations. Nailed it Projects was started due to a passion for the industry as well as its diversity and fast pace.

Svenja was tasked with helping us decorate and furnish our new apartment.

October 7, 2018 by Shri & Corina

Throughout the project she showed exceptional planning and communication skills as well as incredible attention to detail. She was extremely professional and was able to find cost-effective alternatives for us using her extensive network of suppliers/service providers.

We would highly recommend using Svenja’s services!

Thank you so much, Svenja!

Choosing Nailed It was the first and most important decision we made.

July 16, 2018 by Kerry Ferreira

Svenja was the glue that held everything together. From her expert knowledge of finishes and long term wear and tear of the products discussed, to her sound financial advice concerning add-ons and unforeseen existing damage to the building, she walked us through the complicated and stressful endeavor with a patient and calm demeanor. Her team was always professional, clean and respectful of our space. Clear, daily communications detailing progress, snags and budget kept us in the loop even when we were unable to be on site. Svenja’s keen eye for detail and high standard of expectation ensured that the finished product was flawless.

She took on all of our extra requests, tracked down hard to find products and advised us against unnecessary expenditures where possible. I feel that throughout the whole process, Svenja and her team always had our best interests in mind, and the overall experience and finish of the retrofitting shows this. I highly recommend Nailed It Projects to anyone who is planning a building or home improvement project.


They certainly live up to their name!

July 13, 2018 by Dee Schaerer

We had been delaying the much needed renovations of our old and tired kitchen and bathroom for literally years as we didn’t have any recommendations of builders for this work involving such a variety of contractors.

I had known Svenja for a couple of years through a shared interest and when I found out that she was a project manageress, I finally felt “safe” enough to face the music.

From our very first meeting on site, I felt Svenja’s lovely personality and the presence she brings to whatever she does confirmed in her professional capacity. We needed a lot of guidance, suggestions, ideas, options, possibilities and detailed explanations. It all began to take shape (in our minds at least) with the meeting she arranged on site with all the contractors that were going to be part of the project. You could tell immediately that they had all collaborated with each other before and they, too, took time to clarify and give input to the layout and future potential look of our home.

Within a short time we received a completed quote (always with options) from Svenja and a realistic description of what the renovations would mean in practical terms (time, upheaval, mess, conditions, inconvenience, …) as we were going to be living in our home throughout the building works.

And so we agreed and the fun began.

Both kitchen and bathroom were completely gutted out, walls were knocked down, floors were built up, new windows and doors fitted, a new kitchen layout created and built, …..It was 8 weeks of seeing masons, builders, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, gas installers, wood workers, flooring specialists, painters, window installers, labourers, tilers, glass specialist and more at work. Svenja was ever present, ever patient and ever helpful, handling everything and everybody with calm integrity and respect. She kept us informed and updated of any changes or small hiccups and all in all it was a very smooth process. Svenja and her team were flexible and accommodating whenever we decided to add or change something in the original plan. Without exception whether project manageress, contractors, artisans, specialists or labourers, the entire team were fantastic and made the experience very bearable. Professionalism and attention to detail with a beautiful human touch.

We are so so happy and love our new look and feel kitchen and bathroom. We are grateful to and have and will highly recommend Nailed It Projects and use them again in the future.


Love my updated bathroom with walk-in shower!

October 3, 2017 by Jennifer Bowring

This project had been postponed for many months as I couldn’t face dealing with the many contractors required. Svenja solved this problem for me by designing, sourcing and organizing each contractor to be on site at the right time. They were all excellent.
No interruption in business

September 30, 2017 by Dr Lienka Botha

Dr Lienka Botha & Partners

We recently upgraded our interdisciplinary medical practice to optimize space and to improve privacy. It was a natural move to employ Svenja from Nailed It Projects to manage and oversee the project

Not only did Svenja and the contractors work on an extremely tight schedule, they completed and handed over the upgraded site on time. Great communication and planning are the hallmarks of Nailed It Projects.

We look forward to working with you again in future.

Happy Client, Great Outcome

September 10, 2017 by Michael Corrigan

We appointed Svenja to manage our house renovation and looking back it was the best decision and investment we made to ensure the project was completed on time and to our desired specifications.

Working with Svenja is a real pleasure, she is knowledgeable, focused and driven to ensure as clients we got the best outcome for our available budget. She handled challenges in her stride and kept us well informed when issues arose as they invariably do on projects of this nature.

The contractors that she works with are fantastic. They are professional and deliver an extremely high standard of workmanship.

Svenja had to also oversee some external contractors which we had selected ourselves. This did not prove to be an issue for Svenja who keep them all working seamlessly together and keep the project moving forward to meet the deadline.

I would highly recommend Svenja should you be considering a renovation project.

Excellent Project Management

April 18, 2017 by Jennifer Reynolds

Having worked with Svenja and her team in a professional capacity as a decorator, I did not hesitate to ask for her assistance with a kitchen upgrade to my own home.

Svenja is an excellent project manager with a skilled team – and I appreciate her attention to detail. All aspects of the renovation which included cabinetry, plumbing and electrical rewiring were completed to a high standard and within a tight deadline.

Business with integrity

November 2, 2016 by Catherine Schulze

Steenberg Hotel Manager

I have recently completed two projects with Svenja and her team. There was no question in my mind of who I would trust to translate the ideas and vision I had for these projects. Svenja and her team did an exceptional job for me in the previous years project of renovating our bathrooms , however this years projects they lifted the bar. When I tell people I experience hassle free projects with Svenja they don’t believe it. I think the reason one experiences this with Svenja is due to her high values which is the base of how she conducts her business , interacts with her clients and most importantly her team. There is never a doubt that her intentions are honourable and even when the demands are high and you experience challenges which are unforeseen it is handled professionally.

Due to the work she has done for our business it has translated into two additional projects for her and her team. Building in any scope is high pressure and having someone to guide you to make the best decisions due to their experience is a great comfort. We just completed renovating a beautiful home in Clifton with a lot of unforeseen challenges due to it being right on the beach and I am so very proud of what we have achieved and this would not have been possible without Nailed it Projects. I am certain we will secure Svenja and her team for many more projects in the future.

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Sea Point Apartment

June 10, 2016 by Stephan and Anita Lapage

We had alterations and renovations done at our Sea Point apartment. A contract value of +- R700 000. We delegated the entirety of the project to Svenja who handled it perfectly and professionally. We only give 4 stars as the project was completed a little bit late, but this was not an issue for us.

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Quick Turnaround

June 7, 2016 by Chris Warncke

Luggage Warehouse Willowbridge

Luggage Warehouse Willowbridge was our second revamp using Svenja’s services. We needed a very quick turnaround on the project due to retail and operational requirements and we very pleased that Svenja managed to meet our deadlines and budgets as outlined.

Her team of sub-contractors and services complied with all our safety targets as well as the Landlord’s requirements. The result is a vastly improved store which has attracted many comments from happy new and repeat customers.

I would certainly consider Nailed It Projects for future work and projects.

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Peace of mind and professionalism

November 2, 2015 by Catherine Schulze

Steenberg Hotel Manager

Peace of mind and professionalism are the most important aspects when renovations are concerned. So many unexpected challenges can occur especially if the building has heritage.

I recently had the pleasure of completing the renovation of three bathrooms at the Steenberg hotel with the phenomenal support of Svenja and her team . I made changes at the last minute to improve the project and Svenja went out of her way to meet my very high expectations. I am certain she will be back onsite next year for the next renovations I have planned. As this was not my first renovation of the same nature, what I appreciated the most about Svenja is her composure when facing obstacles. She took them head on and supported me in meeting my desire to achieve the very best from this renovation.

She is very hands on and is truly respected by her team and they are a fabulous team of professionals who handled themselves incredible well on a site especially as this renovation occurred during a busy hotel. I did not receive any complaints which was remarkable.

I believe anyone that has the pleasure of assigning a project to Svenja and her team will be making the best decision.

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Thanks Svenja – I really appreciate it

June 1, 2015 by Gawie Venter

Svenja managed a big industrial property renovation for me in Klerksdorp and it was great to leave the Project in the hands of someone that is able to take care of all the details and can work well with an entire team. The team consisted of an Interior Designer based in Johannesburg, Svenja being based in Cape Town, myself the client being based in Somerset West and the building team in Klerksdorp. Svenja has the ability to be firm, yet very motivating when working with a variety of professionals and subcontractors and is good at getting an entire team to work well together. I cannot imagine having done this big project without her.

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On time, On budget – Just perfect!

May 12, 2015 by Antoine Blackler

I simply cannot overstate how important those two little things are to any building project. It’s why we’re so grateful to Svenja for the brilliant work she does.

We bought a 3 bedroom apartment for our accommodation business in Cape Town. Not only did we need to renovate completely, we had to decorate and furnish in double quick time too. Throughout the project Svenja kept us in the loop, showing us exactly where our money was going and making sure builders, suppliers and even ourselves – stayed on track. She has a fantastic eye for interior design to boot, incorporating our ideas with her own experience of what really works.

A special mention has to go to the team of contractors she works with. Their workmanship and finishing is top-notch.

Needless to say, we’ve hired Svenja again for the next BIG job.

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Hassle-free, peace of mind maintenance

Feb 18, 2013 by Greig Whitton

Everyone has a sob story about contractors who have ripped them off or failed to follow through with their promises. That’s why I hired Nailed It Projects – to hold my contractor accountable, look after stuff that I don’t have time for, and monitor quality as an independent specialist. Svenja did a fantastic job: all of my maintenance requirements were completed as promised without hassle or complication. Absolutely fantastic service!

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Camps Bay

Jan 07, 2013 by Roland Wood

Svenja did a fantastic job project managing the partial renovation of my new home. She dealt quickly and professionally with some early glitches, that could otherwise have easily blown our tight timetable out of the water. Her attention to detail is excellent, and she often brings things to your attention that would never otherwise occur to you until it was far too late to do anything about them. I will definitely be using her for phase 2!

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Dec 11, 2012 by Glyn Hudson

Svenja was in charge of refurbishing my double storey house in Tokai. Everything from constructing an upstairs balcony which leads off the main and 2nd bedrooms, new tiling, curtains, lighting, change of en-suite bathroom, main bathroom, kitchen, entertainment area below the balcony, painting inside and out, garden landscape with a wonderful water-feature. Her planning and attention to detail was amazing, constantly keeping me updated with adjustments to the program due to weather problems, etc. I remember the one day, after discussing the various tiling options, she met me at my place of work with tile samples for me to choose from. Amazing service levels. Thank you so much once again Svenja.

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New offices

Sep 05, 2012 by Afterguard

We recently made use of Svenja as the project manager for the refurbishment of our new offices. We were very happy with the results which were achieved under considerable time pressure and would certainly recommend her for project management work of this nature.

May 18, 2012 by Jennifer Reynolds

I have worked with Svenja on several interiors projects and highly recommend the services that she provides. Svenja’s understanding of the building trade combined with her attention to detail result in a high level of customer satisfaction.

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Apr 24, 2012 by Philip Main

Svenja and her team did a wonderful job renovating a bathroom for us at our flat in Sea Point. Not only was the work of a high standard, but she took the initiative in contacting the Body Corporate when she discovered other plumbing problems in the block. It is always difficult to find a reliable reasonably priced contractor, but I have one in Nailed it Projects.
Fixing up my flat

Oct 28, 2011 by Caroline Blackburn

I live overseas and own an apartment in Cape Town. Due to my previous nightmare experience with ‘cowboy’ builders the shower had not been waterproofed sufficiently and the subsequent water leak was damaging the cretestone walls in adjacent rooms.

I sent an email to Svenja and she took care of the lot; arranging access with my tenants, getting quotes, sourcing materials and overseeing the work. It now looks spectacular and no more leaks – even guaranteed by the contractors.

Svenja really went the extra mile; even noticing a leak that was caused by the flat upstairs and followed it up with the owner.
I couldn’t be more grateful or impressed.

It gives me such peace of mind to know that I have someone reliable to call while I’m so far away.

Thank you Svenja

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