Peace of mind and professionalism

Peace of mind and professionalism are the most important aspects when renovations are concerned. So many unexpected challenges can occur especially if the building has heritage.

I recently had the pleasure of completing the renovation of three bathrooms at the Steenberg hotel with the phenomenal support of Svenja and her team . I made changes at the last minute to improve the project and Svenja went out of her way to meet my very high expectations. I am certain she will be back onsite next year for the next renovations I have planned. As this was not my first renovation of the same nature, what I appreciated the most about Svenja is her composure when facing obstacles. She took them head on and supported me in meeting my desire to achieve the very best from this renovation.

She is very hands on and is truly respected by her team and they are a fabulous team of professionals who handled themselves incredible well on a site especially as this renovation occurred during a busy hotel. I did not receive any complaints which was remarkable.

I believe anyone that has the pleasure of assigning a project to Svenja and her team will be making the best decision.

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Catherine Schulze Steenberg Hotel Manager