Business with integrity

I have recently completed two projects with Svenja and her team. There was no question in my mind of who I would trust to translate the ideas and vision I had for these projects. Svenja and her team did an exceptional job for me in the previous years project of renovating our bathrooms , however this years projects they lifted the bar. When I tell people I experience hassle free projects with Svenja they don’t believe it. I think the reason one experiences this with Svenja is due to her high values which is the base of how she conducts her business , interacts with her clients and most importantly her team. There is never a doubt that her intentions are honourable and even when the demands are high and you experience challenges which are unforeseen it is handled professionally.
Due to the work she has done for our business it has translated into two additional projects for her and her team. Building in any scope is high pressure and having someone to guide you to make the best decisions due to their experience is a great comfort. We just completed renovating a beautiful home in Clifton with a lot of unforeseen challenges due to it being right on the beach and I am so very proud of what we have achieved and this would not have been possible without Nailed it Projects. I am certain we will secure Svenja and her team for many more projects in the future.
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Catherine Schulze Steenberg Hotel Manager