They certainly live up to their name!

We had been delaying the much needed renovations of our old and tired kitchen and bathroom for literally years as we didn’t have any recommendations of builders for this work involving such a variety of contractors.

I had known Svenja for a couple of years through a shared interest and when I found out that she was a project manageress, I finally felt “safe” enough to face the music.

From our very first meeting on site, I felt Svenja’s lovely personality and the presence she brings to whatever she does confirmed in her professional capacity. We needed a lot of guidance, suggestions, ideas, options, possibilities and detailed explanations. It all began to take shape (in our minds at least) with the meeting she arranged on site with all the contractors that were going to be part of the project. You could tell immediately that they had all collaborated with each other before and they, too, took time to clarify and give input to the layout and future potential look of our home.

Within a short time we received a completed quote (always with options) from Svenja and a realistic description of what the renovations would mean in practical terms (time, upheaval, mess, conditions, inconvenience, …) as we were going to be living in our home throughout the building works.

And so we agreed and the fun began.

Both kitchen and bathroom were completely gutted out, walls were knocked down, floors were built up, new windows and doors fitted, a new kitchen layout created and built, …..It was 8 weeks of seeing masons, builders, plumbers, electricians, cabinet makers, gas installers, wood workers, flooring specialists, painters, window installers, labourers, tilers, glass specialist and more at work. Svenja was ever present, ever patient and ever helpful, handling everything and everybody with calm integrity and respect. She kept us informed and updated of any changes or small hiccups and all in all it was a very smooth process. Svenja and her team were flexible and accommodating whenever we decided to add or change something in the original plan. Without exception whether project manageress, contractors, artisans, specialists or labourers, the entire team were fantastic and made the experience very bearable. Professionalism and attention to detail with a beautiful human touch.

We are so so happy and love our new look and feel kitchen and bathroom. We are grateful to and have and will highly recommend Nailed It Projects and use them again in the future.

Dee Schaerer